How do we grow?


Life is unpredictable, not everything goes our way but we still grow. We all have good moments and bad moments but still the facts remains that the motif of our lives does not seems quite well to us. We never put the thoughts aside about myriad things that we long for. We suffers everyday, everynight just because we desire more.

For me anything that hurts, makes me suffer teaches me a lot. These are not just simple lessons in my case it works as didactics.

So everyone who is reading this don’t lose hope if you’re having a tough time. It is life and this is how life works.

The dungeon

So who do you choose first? Yourself or the people? By choosing i mean here with whom you will make peace first?

Believe me it is a lot easier to deal with people than yourself. One who is able to think straight will have no problems with others. Contrary to the fact you feel ambivalent about yourself and cannot understand your own worries, and unable to mentor your mind.

If you cannot battle the demons inside your mind, life will be a burden and you will feel like there is some heavy weight attached to your ankle. Those demons will contrive your path, your thoughts will become dull and everything becomes conundrum and you then go to an Enigma. So you will question your state of existential and it is such an irony to be trapped in two dimensions.

That is depression to give it a physical form we call it the demons. Your mind is the first dungeon to capture it, own it, mentor it and have it in control. Then you will have most of things you yearnedfor.

The real demons resides inside your mind, and what you see in life are just projections.

Abid Ali


There are times when life pushes you so harder that everything you see will looks like a fantasy, nothing seems real. Nothing you will find that should mitigate your suffering, so the clock ticks and the pain does not seems emphemeral anymore. Every second feels perennial, you will feel like succumbing to the thought of being moribund. Your hand won’t reach anyone, no one will hear your heart screams asking for comfort for help.

Everything is a deception,except the pain you feel knowing so.

Abid Ali

How do I deal with feelings of depression that come and go?

First you need to identify what makes you think that way. Everyone got something to deal with. But the best solution to depression and anxiety is to identify your inner problems and make peace with them. We live once so why not give our best shot and live happily. Lets not our happiness be dependent on others. We ourselves should make our lives better. Accept your worries, issues as part of your life, doesn’t matter how much we try we can’t solve each of our problem but at least we can accept and don’t regret the decision we have made. So much of our happiness and success depends on how we choose to look at the world. Our brain construct reality based on what we think and pay attention to. So if we direct our focus to positive things in our life we can definitely improve every aspect of our lives.

True but hard to accept.


Frankly speaking nothing is permanent, everything is going to decay one day. But in life we either choose or we are choosen that is when a sphere is formed. And you let people enter your life, or they let you enter their sphere of life. What leads you to that situation is either you or some cirumstances. So beware in both cases.

A pearl ( to depression )

Depression a submission to sadness by none but by you only. Me?  How?  Why?.  Yes you’re the who lost to yourself. Now you ask how?  Like this my friend, you picked up a pearl that looked so fancy and glittering. Now you’re holding the Pearl in your hand with care. You’re stunned before it now it’s a mesmerizing scene. But still you asks yourself how come i have this pearl in my hand? From where did i picked it? Or did someone gives it to me. Wondering along with the Pearl in hand. Now you forget that what is actually in your hand. Because you’re lost to thoughts, questioning and asking yourself about the object in hand. My friend now you have opted for oblivion. Unaware of the pearl you have in your hand. The time passes so the beauty dies in your hands. Finally you found the answer. Quickly you open your hand looks at the pearl. What you see now is just a semblance of that pearl. What you had was gone when you were lost in the abyss. Now you’re shocked and asks yourself that what did i lost was it something precious? Or important? Oh dear again now you’re lost to nothing but abyss. Last question that why?  Because that was really a enticing pearl. That much that it omitted you from what is real and what is not. Not wittingly though. It is just you lost to it. If you were more conscious things wouldn’t have gone so wrong. If you could have only accepted what was in your possession now you wouldn’t have feeling so despondent. In last feeling dejected and that’s all. Regretting over something nothing but the history itself. So need not to awe what’s infront of us now. Look in your hand, you might still have a pearl or two… So don’t repeat the history. Because we’re responsible for the state of tantalizing we’re in. And it spurs us onto do something about it. Give  hell to this misery my friend be happy and live well.

Pearl (Happiness)

You cannot fight the beasts inside of yourself, but you can tame them and make peace with them.

Abid Ali